Lot 2002 - Blackawton Honey

Jun 14, 2020 · Byron Williams

This is a very traditionally tasting spring blossom honey. The bees live in a little paddock surrounded by blackthorn and gorse. There’s a small grove of cherry trees on the horizon. Thanks Bees!

The colonies are located about 1 mile from Blackawton in South Devon. They live in a small paddock surrounded on 2 sides a blackthorn and hawthorn hedge.

Notable nearby nectar sources are an acre of Cherry Trees which were flowering around the 19th April.

There are gorse bushes about 25m from the colonies, even on cool spring and autumn days (late November) I have seen the bees collecting pollen from these plants.

I’ve seen plenty of Himalayan Balsam being brought in during September

There is a hornets nest within close by as I have seen them hawking outside the hives


  • Harvested from: 2 colonies
  • Harvested: 2020-06-14
  • Extracted: 2020-06-14
  • Jarred: 2020-06-17
  • Total Jars: 50
  • Total Weight: 12.50kg (6.25kg/colony)
  • Water Content: 17.5% at extraction